People Who Perform - The Real Estate Careers Podcast

Peggy Howard | aka "Papa Whiskey"

October 06, 2020 Season 1 Episode 24
People Who Perform - The Real Estate Careers Podcast
Peggy Howard | aka "Papa Whiskey"
Show Notes

Richard Costello connects with Peggy Howard.


Peggy Howard is a renowned shopping centre General Manager who has been the beating heart of Ivanhoe Cambridge’s portfolio in British Columbia for over twenty years. Peggy’s accolades include managing Guildford Town Centre mall during a $280 million redevelopment and expansion, which was the largest mall redevelopment in the company’s portfolio at the time.  Peggy was Surrey Business Woman of the year in 2013 and is co-creator of Shopping Centre Chronicles.  Peggy is a mentor, coach, confidant and friend to countless industry professionals whose lives she continues to influence in so many positive and inspiring ways. 


In this episode, Peggy shares her story and we discuss the following:

  • Peggy’s early roles models.
  • How Peggy got her start in the shopping centre industry and how her career evolved over the years.
  • Proudest professional accomplishment.
  • Advice for anyone starting out in the industry.
  • Trends in the shopping centre industry over the years.
  • How the role of a GM is different now to when Peggy started her career.
  • Opportunities for mall operators and predictions on how things will look in 20 years.
  • Saved by stranger.
  • The motivation behind shopping centre chronicles.
  • The next chapter and goals for the future.


Link to purchase shopping centre chronicles (all proceeds go to Dr Paul Klimo to help people who have chosen the less conventional path for cancer treatment):